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Sooooooo, it's been almost a year i think?
well april vacation is this week, & i wasn't extrememly happy with the outcome of the last taping of the blair witch. ( not enough night footage) so this april vacation, me & a bunch of new characters will be re-taping & hopefully staying later than we did last year. I bought a tent and it's pretty pimp, and I bought an extra camera battery that lasts much longer than the other two. So this year, it's just gunna be Jen Nille, Lea Perry & myself. Kim is in Ireland, which sucks because i wish she could come : ( & anyone else who wants to join, feel free.
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yo yo. i know this summer we were suppose to do the blair witch, again. but i'm really lazy. so i'll try my hardest to set a date and such and get the tent and everything. so yeah. it should be sometime before september. or maybe it could be a weekend in september when kim comes back. so yeah. sorry for the lack of motivation.


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sorry for the huge non updating gap. but we survived the taping of the blair witch, we didn't last the night we had to go home at 8:30 on account of no toilet paper and stange clicking noses. When our ride came to get us, we decided to follow the clicking noses. we got close, and something ran or flew or evaporated. all i know was it was a strange sound like 20 birds flew away, but there were no birds. So i have come to the conclusion that there really is a blair witch, because i watched the blair witch again the other day and i noticed that when they were in the tent they heard noises and those noises were the same exact ones we heard. So now that i have the theory of the Blair witch exixisting, we're going back. this time we are staying the full night, and are bringing many more people, because last time almost everyone bailed on us. The date is not yet swt, but when i know the date i will let everyone know. anyone else care to share there side of events that occurred that day?

*good day lady & gents.<3

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so its so soon. and im so excited. i made a short list of supplies we need. feel free to add anything you wish.
camera (video and digital)
battery for my video camera
sleeping bags or pillows
something for entertainment
rain coat. i have two.
boots. or shoes for terrain and such. must be comfortable yo
and comfortable clothes.
and we'll need a backpack to carry all the stuff.

stacy e. has a tent and stacy and michaella want to come with us. so if anyone else has their own tent and wants to join let us know.
ITS SO SOOON!!#@#@!%!@!!!!!!!!!!!
I'M SO EXCITED!!! yes!
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yo yo.!
so heres the four eleven on the upcoming movie, yo.
SARA KIM AND ME are the only definates so far for the movie.
arpil vacation (19-27th or something), we're gunna go into the woods and plan out areas to film.. who ever wants to be in the movie can come, just let me know. we're NOT filming, just getting a feel of the area... we'll probably be filming in late june, early july, when there is no school and no snow. but we may not be able to wait that long, so whenever the weather gets a tad warmer and the snow is all gone, is when we may start filming.! anyone else besides kim and sara want to be in the blair witch three and a heif, just let me know.

as far as the camping out in the woods the night we film. i'm afraid the only people we can let stay the night in the woods with us, will be sara kim and myself. unless i want to change it, or they want to change it. it will be too crazy with 5000 people sleeping in the woods with us. and plus the tent i plan on buying may not even fit three people.

so i need suggestions on the tent. should i even buy a tent? i think if we stay the night, we need a tent. so here are the options for the tent. im not spending more than 20 on a tent. so it will be rather small...

here are the options.
Ozark Trail 6'x5' 2-Person Junior Dome Tent (LOL)
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
$17 at walmart. seems pretty big.

the other one isnt on the website yet. its at target and its 28 dollars. eh/
backyard discovery tent fairy princess has 4 windows and 2 doors for ventalation and a center hub for easy setup. 72x48" with 52" center. includes carrying bag.

yeah obvisouly the first one is a better deal. but theres a third choice...

i can't find the other one on the website either. ugh
its 15 dollars. 7 piece children's camping combo. includes tent (no measurements, but it looks small) sleeping bag, backpakc, compass, binoculars, magnifying glass, and canteen/water bottle. ONE TIME OFFER!

the picture looks really small. maybe it will fit one person, but they wont be able to lie down.

i go with the first one, unless somebody wants to loan us a tent?

pssh. opinions?!

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worddddd. this community is brand spankin' new. and i rule this community. everyone bow down to me.! so yeah i love the blair witch. and so does everyone who joins this community.! we're gunna make the blair witch three and a heif, down in the woods at the elementary school. and we're spending the night. go us. <3